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BAHFest London

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Imperial College
Host: Matt Parker
Keynote: Boulet
Judges: Lindsey Fitzharris, Jennifer Gupta, Tim Harford, Sydney Padua

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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Kresge Auditorium

Host: Ben Lillie
Keynote: TBD
Judges: Robin Abrahams, James Propp, Max Tegmark

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History of BAHFest

BAHFest is the brainchild of sometimes artist, always curmudgeon Zach Weinersmith, the auteur behind SMBC Comics. Inspired by a comic, BAHFest started as a live event in 2013 at MIT. There have been 8 successful, sold out BAHFest shows from London to San Francisco.

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Are you ready for Eternal Glory?

The winner of each BAHFest is immortalized by receiving a statue of alchemist Hennig Brand boiling his own urine in hopes of producing gold. Plus $500 cold hard cash. Submit your hypothesis today!

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